TVTomorrow is a media consultancy business.

TVTomorrow provides the best consulting services in acquiring digital rights, recommending the optimal strategy in the digital world and identifying the content that works on-demand. The company has negotiated many deals for several clients throughout Europe and globally with cost efficiencies of over $200 million with the top OTT international players and the Hollywood Studios in this rapidly evolving landscape which is undergoing unprecedented change.

Before establishing TVTomorrow, Tim Horan had a distinguished career in international television distribution with Warner Bros and the BBC before launching SVOD and digital platforms in France and Poland.

TVTomorrow has consistently demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in the development and execution of digital and OTT content acquisition and distribution strategies.

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Tim Horan is the founder and CEO of TVTomorrow. Tim has an unrivalled network of key Hollywood Studio and industry relationships in Europe and all around the world, based on over 20 years experience in international television.

Tim Horan,
Founder & CEO

Prior to establishing TVTomorrow, Tim started his career in international television distribution at BBC Worldwide handling the Italian market, concluding natural history coproduction output deals with RAI for the David Attenborough landmark series, before moving to Warner Bros International Television where he spent 10 years responsible for sales to Central and Eastern Europe & Russia generating nearing $1 billion in revenue, with an MPA share amongst the 6 Hollywood Studios of consistently over 40%, representing over twice the average Warner Bros MPA share of 20% internationally. The ground-breaking deals were $130 million output deal with TVN Poland and $65 million 2 year deal in Russia with Channel Russia, NTV and CTC including the first two Harry Potter movies and Lord of the Rings movies at a record license fee of $1.5 million, which shattered the previous record by more than three times.

He then moved over to the buyer’s side as EVP of International Relations & Co-productions at Russia largest production Studio AMEDIA in Moscow for three years. Since then Tim has predominantly specialised in the new media during the last 15 years, launching VOD and SVOD services on different platforms in Europe. He spent 2 years as EVP of Acquisitions at Poland’s ITI Group in Warsaw, where Tim oversaw all rights acquisitions for the ITI Group including theatrical, VOD, Pay TV , SVOD and Free TV, acquiring the content to launch the Pay TV, VOD and SVOD services on the “n” Pay TV platform. The ground-breaking deals were an all rights deal with Paramount Pictures, including VOD, SVOD, Pay TV and Free TV; and as a pioneer in the SVOD world launching and negotiating the rights “n Serialy”, uniquely acquiring the premieres in the territory to the hit series Desperate Housewives, Lost, House, Heroes, Dexter, Californication, The Mentalist and Prison Break on an SVOD basis one week after US broadcast, this well before the launch of Netflix’s streaming service.

became Programming Director and EVP of TV Numeric’s VOD and SVOD service in France and key French content owners like TF1, UGC, SND/M6, Pathe and Gaumont in a very competitive market for a Pay TV platform with only 50,000 subscribers, in addition to securing the exclusive frequency for VOD distribution on DTT in France in a tender with the CSA in competition with the then monopoly Canal Plus . He was also editor and developed the TV Numeric SVOD user interface. Tim also has experience of mergers and acquisitions, having negotiated the TV Numeric takeover of rival DTT player Top up TV in France.

Since the inception of TVTomorrow in 2012, Tim Horan has continued to specialise in the negotiation of especially SVOD, VOD, EST and Pay TV digital rights in the new media for several platforms throughout Europe and worldwide.

He regularly attends the major TV markets: BBC Showcase and London Screenings in February, MIP-TV in April in Cannes, LA Screenings in May, MIPCOM in Cannes in October and Content London in December.

TVTomorrow also works with other experts in the TV sector on an ad hoc basis.

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